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Kyanite Specimen in Wood Base
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Large Taper Points Candleholder
Luxury Agate Side Table Large Natural Crystalline
Luxury Agate Table Small with Crystalline Top
Metalized Amethyst Specimen on Metal Stand
Orange Calcite Specimen
Petrified Wood in Wood Base
Only 1 left!
Petrified Wood Specimen
Only 1 left!
Pyrate Specimen Extra Quality
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Pyrite Specimen
Only 1 left!
Pyrite Specimen
Quartz Clock in Wood Base
Quartz Cluster Bookends
Quartz Cluster Bookends Gold Electroplated
Quartz Cluster Candle Holder Silver Electroplated
Quartz Cluster Specimen
Quartz Cluster Specimen Gold Electroplated
Quartz Cluster with Gold Votive
Quartz Coasters Set of 2 with Silver Trim
Quartz Coasters Set of 4 with Natural trim
Quartz with Mika Specimen
Sold Out
Rose Amethyst Center Piece Platter
Rose Amethyst Side Table Medium Natural Yellow
Rose Amethyst Slab
Rose Amethyst Sphere
Sold Out
Rose Quartz Candleholder and Serving Platter with Gold Rim
Rose Quartz Coasters Set of 2 with Gold Trim
Rose Quartz Coasters Set of 4 with Natural Trim
Rose Quartz Serving Platter Candle Holder with Gold Trim
Set of Agate Lamps
Smoky Quartz Cluster Specimen
Sodalite Polished in Wood Base ( SOLD )
Tree Scenery Stone in Wood Base ( SOLD )
Votive Amethyst Candle Holder
Votive Block Candleholder
Votive Points Candle Holder
Votive “Heart” Points Candle Holder
72 results
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