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Agate Thick Decorative Platter with Silver Trim
Agate Thin Serving Plate with GOLD Trim
Agate Thin Serving Plate with Natural Trim
Agate Thin Serving Plate with SILVER Rim
Amethyst Butterfly
Amethyst Butterfly
Amethyst Butterfly Copper Electroplated on Metal Stand
Amethyst Butterfly on Wire Stand
Amethyst Cathedral Geode
Amethyst Chunks Brazil
Amethyst Clock in Wood Base
Amethyst Cluster on Wire Stand
Amethyst Druze Pendant
Amethyst Eros Geode
Amethyst Geode Gold Electroplated
Amethyst Geode Wings Pair Medium Deep Purple
Amethyst Horizontal Slice Necklace
Amethyst Point with Leather Necklace
Amethyst Points
Amethyst Points
From $2.00
Amethyst Specimen in wood Base Purple
Amethyst Specimen Large Points
Amethyst Specimen on Metal Stand
Amethyst Stalactite Pendant
Amethyst Stalactite Pendant
Amethyst Vertical Slice on a Leather Necklace
Amethyst Vertical Slice Pendant
Amethyst Votive Candle Hodler
Ammonite Fossil
Ammonite Fossil
Ammonite Fossil Sculpture
Assorted Tumble Stone
Beak Pendants
Beak Pendants
Blue Calcite Chunks
Blue Calcite Chunks
From $2.50
Bottle Opener with Gold Trim
Break Your Own Geode
Cake Server with Gold Trim
Calcedonie Clock in Wood Base
Carving Set made of Agate
174 results
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