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Rose Quartz Candleholder and Serving Platter with Gold Rim
Rose Quartz Chunks
Rose Quartz Chunks
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Rose Quartz Coasters Set of 2 with Gold Trim
Rose Quartz Coasters Set of 4 with Natural Trim
Rose Quartz Serving Platter Candle Holder with Gold Trim
Round Agate Composite Coffee Table with Powdered Gold Trim
Round Wooden Box with Marble Lid
Set of 4 Agate Coasters with Gold Trim
Set of 4 Agate Coasters with Natural Trim
Set of 4 Agate Coasters with Silver trim
Set of Agate Lamps
Silver Circlet with Small Raw Crystal on Silver Chain
Silver Electroplated Agate Slice on Leather Necklace
Smoky Quartz Cluster on Wire Stand
Smoky Quartz Cluster Specimen
Smoky Quartz Ring
Square Coasters with Gold Trim, Set of 4
Square Wooden Box with Agate Top
Steel Circular Box with Marble Lid
Swirl Double Terminated Pendants
Swirl Top Double Terminated Pendant
Tapered Point Pendants
Tree of Life Necklace
Tree of Life Necklace Silver
Votive Amethyst Candle Holder
Votive Block Candle Holder
Votive Heart Points Candle Holder
Votive Points Candle Holder
Wall Sconce Candle Holder
Wooden Boxes with Gemstone on Top
174 results
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