Votive Amethyst Candle Holder


Description: Brazilian amethyst crystal chunks naturally formed over millions of years. Amethyst symbolizes inner strength and positive energy.

  • Dyed in Night black to represent added mystery and power.
  • Dyed in Gold to increase the yellow luster of the candle's reflected light.
  • Dyed in Cranberry red for added passion and adventure.
  • Dyed in Caribbean blue-green to convey the sensation of an island sea breeze.
  • Dyed in Royal purple for added majesty and grace.
  • Dyed in Sky blue to create a sense of soaring and ascendancy.

5.5” W x 4.5 L and 1.5-inch height for 1.25-inch diameter candle perfect for side tables and countertops

Comes with scratch-resistant felt on bottom to protect surfaces, everything else made by Mother Earth.

Dimension per piece (approximately): 4.5”W x 4.5”L x 1.5” H   

Weight (approximately): 4.0 lbs.

Price per piece: $56.50.  

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