Table Top & Decor

Our décor selection will infuse your living space with Earth's natural beauty. Use an amethyst picture frame to hold treasured memories or decorate your windowsill with gemstone bonsai trees. Keep your books upright with agate bookends or set the scene with a quartz candle holder. We offer all the décor you need to enhance every room in your home.
Table Top & Decor
41 results
Agate Geode
Agate Geode
From $7.50
Agate Geodes with Electroplating
Agate Baby Geodes
Agate Baby Geodes
From $2.75
Break Your Own Geode
Agate Geode with Natural Trim
Agate Geode Free Form
Agate Geode Free Form
From $192.50
Agate Bowl
Agate Bowl
From $137.50
Wooden Boxes with Gemstone on Top
Marble Box with Agate Engraved
Round Wooden Box with Marble Lid
Steel Circular Box with Marble Lid
Square Wooden Box with Agate Top
Gemstone Bonsai Tree
Gemstone Bonsai Tree
From $19.25
Pastel Blue Decorative Gold Stand
Amethyst Cluster on Wire Stand
Metalized Amethyst Cluster on Wire Stand
Quartz Cluster on Wire Stand
Agate Slices on Gold Stand
Smoky Quartz Cluster on Wire Stand
Quartz Point on Wire Stand
Quartz Geode From Morocco on Wire Stand
Votive Points Candle Holder
Votive Heart Points Candle Holder
Rose Quartz and Quartz Votive Candle Holder
Taper Points Candleholder
Quartz Cluster Candle Holder
Flower Quartz Candleholder
Wall Sconce Candle Holder
Agate Geode Candle Holder
Votive Block Candle Holder
Amethyst Votive Candle Holder
Natural White Agate Tealight Holder Black Stand
Dyed Amethyst Votive Candle Holder
Sold Out
Agate Bookend Premium Quality
Agate Bookend Gold Electroplated Premium Quality
Labradorite Bookends
Labradorite Bookends
From $178.75
41 results
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