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1-Layer Cake Stand with Gold Trim
1-Layer Cake Stand with Silver Trim
1-Layer Display Stand
14" Round Pastel Blue Agate Composite Side Table with Polished Steel Trim
2-Layer Display Stand
3-Layer Display Stand
3-Layer Display Stand
From $545.99
3/4” Thick Agate Platter with Natural Trim
5 Piece Agate Flatware set
Agate Baby Geodes
Agate Baby Geodes
From $2.75
Agate Bookend Gold Electroplated Premium Quality
Agate Bookend Premium Quality
Agate Bookend Silver Electroplated Premium Quality
Agate Geode
Agate Geode
From $7.50
Agate Geode Bracelet with Gold or Silver Trim
Agate Geode Candle Holder
Agate Geode Chain Necklace
Agate Geode Free Form
Agate Geode Free Form
From $195.00
Agate Geode on Leather Necklace
Agate Geode with Natural Trim
Agate Geodes with Electroplating
Agate Lamp Small
Agate Ornament with Gold Electroplating
Agate Ornament with Natural Trim
Agate Ornament with Silver Electroplating
Agate Pyramid
Agate Pyramid
Agate Sculpture Pendants
Agate Serving Set
Agate Side Table Medium Brown and Black
Agate Slab on Metal Stand
Agate Slab on Metal Stand
Agate Slice Pendant Silver
Agate Slice Pendants Gold
Agate Slices on Gold Stand
Agate Specimen in Wood Base
Agate Thick Decorative Platter with Gold Trim
Agate Thick Decorative Platter with NATURAL Trim
174 results
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